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Adrian Johnson

Adrian Johnson is a technology and media entrepreneur. Since 1993 he has co-founded several companies, including Poptel, Germany's first phone-to-phone Internet telephony service provider (VC-funded and successfully sold in a trade sale); Archimation (www.archimation.com), Germany's first architectural animation and visualisation company; MrFootage (www.mrfootage.com), a web-based film footage library; and Eventival (www.eventival.com), the leading online film festival management system.

Adrian is currently developing SeriesIMPACT (www.seriesimpact.com), an “EdTech" business creating “nextgen" gaming and simulation products for education and training.

At INSEAD Adrian is an Adjunct Professor and teaches the legendary "Your First Hundred Days" (YFCD) MBA/EMBA course in Fontainebleau and Singapore as well as Executive Education programmes. Adrian is also a supervisor of final EMBA student projects, and has been teacher, judge and mentor for Startup and Sci-Tech Commercialisation Bootcamps. He sits on the INSEAD EMBA Admissions Panel and works with C-suite Executives of multinational corporations on issues such as digital transformation, change management, intrapreneurship and business model creation.

Adrian is British, but spent most of his childhood in Sierra Leone, Kenya and the USA. He studied Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London and earned his MBA from INSEAD.

Anders Riis-Hansen

har arbejdet som både vært, tv-tilrettelægger, dokumentarinstruktør, producer, producent og redaktør. Han begyndte sin karriere i 1980'erne, hvor han var vært på en række programmer i DR's B&U-afdeling. Senere valgte han dokumentarvejen og har blandt andet stået bag populære dokumentarserier, -programmer og prisvindere som "Høje Historier", "Drengene fra Vollsmose", "Fødegangen" og biograffilmen "Blekingegadebanden", som han modtog en Bodil for i 2010. Han grundlagde Koncern Film- og TV produktion i 1995 sammen med Thomas Heurlin og Jens-Ulrik Pedersen. Fra 2004 til 2007 og igen fra 2009 til 2011 var Anders dokumentarredaktør i DR's chefredaktion, men er nu vendt tilbage til selv at skabe dokumentarprogrammer i hans eget firma Hansen & Pedersen Film og Fjernsyn. Senest har Anders instrueret den Bodil nminerede dokumentarfilm Circusdynastiet.

Arne Bro

er oprindeligt dokumentarfilminstruktør og nu leder af Filmskolens TV-Uddannelse. Han har en række dokumentarfilm bag sig om sociale, pædagogiske og teologiske problemer, og har undervist i en lang række lande, altid med fokus på den enkeltes personlige filmsprog.

Arne Bro underviser på kurserne "Det Personlige Billedsprog" og "Filmisk Fortælleform I og II".

Bo Skjoldborg

er forfatter til 15 bøger, bl.a. børneromanen ’Jagten på den talende hund’, der var indstillet til Orlaprisen 2016. Derudover har han skrevet bogen Flowskrivning – vejen til flydende skriveprocesser, der er kommet i mange udgaver og oplag.

Se også: www.powerwriting.dk / www.boskjoldborg.dk

Bo Skjoldborg underviserne på kurserne "Method Writing", "Copenhagen Skrivemaraton" og "Hjælp - jeg er gået i stå!"


David Sheldon-Hicks

is founder of Territory, a motion graphics, VFX and design studio based in London, New York and San Francisco. With deep expertise of narrative design for film and games and a passion for storytelling, David will share his approach and thoughts about the digital future.  From web and wearables, to Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences, we have asked David to share insights and learnings about how technology can best support and enhance narrative.

DR. Angus Finney

Angus Finney is a leading international film and creative industry specialist who has managed, taught, mentored and lectured across the world. His work includes MBA-level teaching at The Judge Business School, Cambridge University, where he is a Fellow, and MA-level Course Directing at London Film School/Exeter University. He was appointed in 2016 to the Beijing Film Academy as a Visiting Professor, and was appointed in March 2017 to the School of Humanities, Exeter University, as an Associate Professor in Film Business Studies.

Finney was the manager of Europe’s only Production Finance Market over the past decade, hosted by Film London annually. The market has supported independent financing of more than 100 films over since 2007.  His work has recently included acting as a government expert witness in two high profile cases, including the £1bn tax tribunal involving Ingenious Media and HMRC; and has served as an expert witness on a private film finance dispute in Guernsey.

His UK training includes working with Creative Skillset, Creative England, Film Agency Wales, Film London and the Film Distributors Association; and his professional development work has extended to South Africa, Ireland, UAE, Canada, China and New Zealand over the past five years.  Finney also has considerable practical entrepreneurial and management experience: He was appointed joint Managing Director of Renaissance Films, a UK-based development, production, finance and sales company in July 1999. During six years of business, Finney Executive Produced a range of films, working with filmmakers such as Terry Gilliam, Daniel Craig, Neil LaBute, Marleen Gorris, Roger Michell, Glen Close, and Rose Troche, alongside leading US studios including Sony, Miramax, Warner Bros and Paramount. He took over sole MD responsibilities in 2002 before the company ceased trading in July 2005.  He has also mentored EU film companies on business strategy and planning.

Finney’s fourth and most recent book is: The International Film Business – A Market Guide Beyond Hollywood (Routledge) was published in May 2010. A second edition has been published in October 2014, and has been released in China and Japan. His 1996 publication The State of European Cinema has been re-printed by Bloomsbury in 2016. His second title was The Egos Have Landed: The Rise and Fall of Palace Pictures (1996). Finney has personally trained more than 1000 film producers/writers and directors, company executives and students since 2005, and delivered master classes and lectures at Berlin and Cannes film festivals, Judge/Cambridge, Cass/City, Grenoble, London University, the Sorbonne, Paris, and the Copenhagen Business School.

Finney has a PhD in Management from Cass Business School, City University London. He has an MA in Film (Documentary specialism) and Journalism from New York University, a post-graduate Diploma from City University in Newspaper Journalism and a BA from Sussex University in International Relations.

Flemming Lyngse

er uddannet dokumentarinstruktør Den Danske Filmskole. Han har lavet film som Glistrup og Rukov - på sporet af den tabte tid, og det interaktive dokumentarprojekt Forestillinger. Han er fast gæstelærer på Den Danske Filmskole, og har derudover undervist på DR, TV2 samt på en lang række af worksshops fra Lapland til Mellemøsten.

Flemming Lyngse underviser på Efteruddannelsen på "Filmisk Fortælleform I og II"

Greta Amend

Studied drama at the Hannover College for Music and Theatre from 1983 to 1987, graduating in 1987 by writing & directing her first medium-long film "Full House - House of Fools".

She subsequently continued her studies with Anatolij Vasil`jev at the Theatre of Dramatic Arts in Moscow. With the International Theatre Centre Akt-Zent and the GITIS Academy Moscow she studied in the Masterclass "Acting and Directing", including most techniques based on the Russian school. Her teachers were Prof. Vassili Skorik, Prof. Jurij Alschitz and Prof. Sergej Issayev.

Gretas substancial education as artist is enriched by her participation in the international theatre and film directing workshops of Künstlerhaus Bethanien which enjoyed cult status in the Berlin of the early 90´s. There Greta studied with directors Krzysztof Kieślowski, Peter Palitzsch, Thomas Schulte-Michels, Ruth Zapora, Sergej Ashkenasy, Yoshi Oida and Wojiech Marczewski. Additional private lessons involved extensive repertoire work with actors from Peter Stein´s former ensemble of Schaubühne Berlin. Amongst her film training teachers were danish director Henning Carlsen and Rae Allen.

Greta has been pursuing her acting career by working extensively in theatre productions with numerous foreign and local companies in Europe for 25 years. She´d been working project-based as a director for theatre and film, and has been forwarding her broad knowledge regularly as a guest-lecturer at various film and theatre ¬schools, like the German Film Academy Berlin, dffb. As a casting director her credits encompass the serial casting of Europe’s most popular daily soap opera "Gute Zeiten/Schlechte Zeiten“, more than 40 productions from short-films and feature films to the 700-hour screen epic „Dau“ by Ilya Khrzhanovsky, the biggest russian-european co-production to this day, where she was responsible for the casting process in Europe and North America.

Periodically she is participating in the "International Directors´ and Trainers´ Colloqiums" of the European Association for Theatre Culture, Akt-Zent Berlin, Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute ITI,  focusing on new training methods and theatre ethics.
Throughout her career she has compiled an own set of exercises designed to prepare the modern actor and director for the work on stage and on-camera. These exercises have become the cornerstone of her practice-oriented method, which she has been teaching throughout Europe. This series of exercises focuses on refining of new and already existing acting techniques and on optimizing the artists´ abilities beyond classical techniques and terms.

Greta Amend is teaching the masterclass "Working for Actors".


Henrik Lemming

er uddannet ingeniør og HD i organisation. Han har arbejdet 10 år i store og mellemstore industrivirksomheder og har siden 1986 arbejdet som konsulent indenfor ledelse, virksomhedsudvikling og gennemførelse af uddannelses-programmer, hovedsageligt på ledelsesniveau. Desuden har Henrik Lemming siden 2000 arbejdet for den kulturelle sektor med særligt fokus på at øge indtægtsmulighederne for professionelle kunstnere i Danmark. Henrik Lemming arbejder hovedsageligt med forhandlingsteknik, konflikthåndtering, karriere- og lederudvikling samt stresshåndtering og er indehaver af firmaet Betterday, der udvikler værdiskabende vidensmedarbejdere i store virksomheder.

Henrik Lemming underviser på kurserne "Ledelse I og II" og "Forhandlingsteknik"

Jens Bidstrup

er uddannet som filmklipper på Den Danske Filmskole i 1984. Han har samtidigt med sit arbejde som klipper, undervist på Filmskolen og afholdt over 70 kurser i forskellige klippeprogrammer de sidste 25 år.

Johan Sundberg

Johan Sundberg is a film and television executive become entrepreneur. He started in media doing Business Affairs for UFA Film & TV in Berlin in 1992 working mainly on international co-productions.  For Modern Times Group in Scandinavia he ran the production company Strix TV in Stockholm as well as Modern Cartoons in LA and later headed MTG’s division gathering all production activities in Scandinavia such as Sonet (feature film distribution), Rally TV (adverting film), and Nordic Artists (live events).  After moving to Munich, he worked for Odeon Film AG, a subsidiary of the Bavaria Studios and then Framepool AG before founding MrFootage with Adrian Johnson, a startup within online stock footage distribution, a company he still co-owns and runs today.

Johan has an MBA from INSEAD, a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Uppsala University and is a captain in the Swedish submarine navy. Johan is a Swedish national, grew up in Brazil and now lives in Germany.

Linda Larsen

er uddannet linieofficer, cand.pæd.psych. med speciale i strategisk leder- og medarbejdertræning. Har siden 1990 arbejdet med ledelses- og personaleudvikling i en bred vifte af offentlige og private virksomheder.

Linda Larsen underviser på Efteruddannelsen i "Ledelse I og II".

Lone Frank

Lone Frank er videnskabsjournalist, forfatter og ph.d i neurobiologi. I 2014 skrev hun dokumentaren Genetic Me som blev instrueret af instruktør Pernille Rose Grønkjær.

Niels Lund Poulsen

Niels Lund Poulsen er uddannet Cand. Merc. og coach uddannet fra Dispuk.
Niels Lund Poulsen underviser, faciliterer og vejleder i organisation,
forandringsledelse, HR og lederskab fra merkonom til kandidatniveau
og er ekstern lektor på CBS i organisationsteori og beskikket ekstern censor i kommunikation.
Medforfatter til antologien: Perspektiver på Supervision, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag 2008.

Ole Christian Madsen

er uddannet filminstruktør fra Den Danske Filmskole i 1993. Ole Christian Madsen har instrueret og konceptueret den anmelderroste TV-serie Edderkoppen og fik sit store gennembrud med En kærlighedshistorie, som var en del af Dogmebølgen. Siden har han instrueret film som Nordkraft, Prag, Flammen og Citronen, Superclásico og Steppeulven.
De sidste år har Ole Christian Madsen instrueret den amerikanske kultserie, Banshee for HBO, en serie, hvor han også har fungeret som EP Showrunner.

Stephen Cleary

Stephen Cleary has worked in film and television for over 20 years. As Head of Development at  the UK national film Agency he developed Before the Rain , (winner Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival), Rob Roy, Butterfly Kiss, Love and Death on Long Island and many others.Stephen founded and ran Arista, Europe’s largest private film development agency from 1996 to 2006. Graduates of Arista program have written, directed or produced over 250 feature films and thousands of hours of television drama.
He produced the feature New Year’s Day, in 2001 and co-produced Goodbye Charlie Bright in 2002. He co-wrote the feature films Alexandria, produced in 1998, and Buddha’s Little Finger, produced in 2013.Recently, in partnership with the South Australian Film Corporation, he designed and implemented the Filmlab low-budget feature initiative, resulting in the internationally acclaimed features 52 Tuesdays and The Infinite Man among others. Currently he is development consultant on the BBC drama series Hinterland. He is also the co-author of I Put A Spell on You: the Autobiography of Nina Simone.
Stephen works as a story consultant around the world, was a visiting professor in Film at the University of Westminster in the UK and is currently a visting professor at the Victoria College of the Arts school of film and television in Melbourne, Australia.

Stephen Cleary

Stephen Cleary is a story developer and feature film producer. He has developed over 60 produced features with directors including Ken Loach, Beeban Kidron, Milcho Manchevski, Sophie Hyde, Beeban Kidron and Marc Evans. He was Head of Development at British Screen for four years. He produced New Years Day in 2001, (Panorama selection Sundance Film Festival, Winner Best British Film Raindance Film Festival) and co-produced Goodbye Charlie Bright in 2002. That same year he was also co-screenwriter of the feature, Alexandria.

Stephen founded and ran Arista, Europe’s largest private film development agency from 1996 to 2006. Graduates of Arista programs have written, directed or produced over 250 feature films, including The Last King of Scotland; Brick Lane; Totsi; The Flying Scotsman and London to Brighton.  

Stephen is now an international story consultant. He was the Grace Marion Wilson Visiting Fellow in creative writing at Melbourne University and in partnership with the South Australian Film Corporation, co-designed and ran FilmLab, an acclaimed initiative producing eight prize-winning low-budget features in three years. Most recently he developed Sweet Country, prize winner at the Venice and Toronto film festivals in 2017, and was the lead consultant on the Emmy-award winning documentary What happened Miss Simone?

When not travelling, Stephen lives with his family in Aquitaine, France.

Søren Poulsen

er uddannet cand. psych. og har de sidste 15 år arbejdet med medieproduktion. I begyndelsen med produktion af film, tv og animation, og senere med udvikling af filmbranchen som leder af Filmby Århus. Søren har stor erfaring med forhandling som produktionsleder og producer på internationale co-produktioner og som bestyrelsesformand for den internationale sammenslutning af regionale filmfonde i Europa, Cine Regio.
I dag er Søren Poulsen leder af innovationsnetværket Visuel Vækst, som har fokus på at skabe innovation i virksomheder udenfor underholdningsindustrien ved hjælp af kompetencerne indenfor animation, visualisering og gamification.

Søren Poulsen underviser på kurset "Forhandlingsteknik"

Thea Mikkelsen

er erhvervspsykolog cand. psych samt cand.mag. i Litteraturvidenskab og Moderne Kultur. Med udgangspunkt i virksomheden TRAC (www.trac.dk) arbejder Thea med ledelse og samarbejde i kreative virksomheder, entreprenørskab indenfor de kreative brancher samt som coach for professionelle kreative - og som psykoanalytiker.

Thea Mikkelsen er forfatter til Kreativitetens Psykologi – Hvad du som kreativ bør vide om dig selv og din psyke, Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck (2009), Den kreative kraft i innovationsledelse- Teori U’s psykologi i praksis, skrevet i samarbejde med Mette Møller, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag (2010), 10 gode råd om innovationsledelse – Få mere ud af de kreative processer, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag (2014),  og har skrevet kapitlet “Det usynlige arbejde bag innovation” i Innovationspsykologi, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag (2012).

Thea er bosiddende i Milano i Italien siden sommeren 2017, da møbelvirksomheden MA/U Studio, som hun er medejer af, flyttede sine aktiviteter til Milano som følge af et partnerskab med Boffi/DePadova, men arbejder i København med danske kunder 1-2 gange om måneden.

Thea Mikkelsen underviser på kurset "Kommunikation i Kreative Processer".