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Inside the ears of reality

a two day seminar about the sound of Nordic documentaries. Saturday March 17. - Sunday 18.

Meet the Producers, Directors - and all the other Nordic Composers

During the 2017 Berlinale 50 Nordic composers took part in Nordic film Music Days. Both established and up-and-coming. All enjoyed the possibility of meeting fellow composers and sharing knowledge and experiences.

Sunday February 18nd HARPA NORDIC FILM COMPOSERS AWARD - NORDIC FILMMUSIC DAYS will once again take place at the Nordische Botschaften in Berlins Tiergarten-area and in 2018 Nordic film Music Days and EAVE are inviting editors, producers, directors, sound designers a.o. to a session of informal speed-meeting.

For more information - follow this link; http://www.nordicfilmmusicdays.com/