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Working with actors

Directors and Actors

Once again we have invited Actress and Teacher Greta Amend to Copenhagen to teach along side with Actor, Director and Teacher Mike Bernardin for a 6 day workshop

Earlier this year The Postgraduate Training dept. at The National Film School of Denmark in collaboration with Danish Actors' Association invited actress and teacher Greta Amend to Copenhagen to teach her workshop “Directing Actors”.
We have now invited Greta Amend back – this time together with actor and teacher Mike Bernardin.
Greta and Mike offer a 6 days’ workshop on directing, casting and working with actors.

The workshop will be aimed for professional actors and directors and focus on the core principals of a successful interplay between actors and directors in the casting process, on set, on stage and in rehearsals.
The master class is, through exercises, improvisations, observing and discussion, an invitation to emphasize the dialogue between artists and expanding both actors and directors toolbox.

The directors will, through different exercises get a deeper understanding for the actors need a framework of language to use in notes to the actors and tools which will help make a feedback more practical. The workshop will help organizing rehearsals, creating improvisation exercises, improving the delegation of an ensemble and individuals on set, and enhance a very own work ethic.

The actors will gain a selection of highly sophisticated and practicable skills for the casting as well as pre-set and on-set situations, along with stagecraft, knowledge in scene analysis, cold and warm reading techniques, complemented by extensive exercises in Meisner-work. The education will pay attention to the actors task of being the responsible creator of his performance. The participants will additionally learn how to “put their best food forward in an interview”, and improve their artistic expressiveness and consciousness to develop a more nuanced and energetic way of acting, with humour and grace in a free atmosphere. As a Casting Director, Greta will provide an insider view of the casting process, and artist advice as well as further business knowledge for actors.

The workshop will consist of 12 actors and 6 directors.


Greta Amend

Studied drama at the Hannover College for Music and Theatre from 1983 to 1987, graduating in 1987 by writing & directing her first medium-long film "Full House - House of Fools".

She subsequently continued her studies with Anatolij Vasil`jev at the Theatre of Dramatic Arts in Moscow. With the International Theatre Centre Akt-Zent and the GITIS Academy Moscow she studied in the Masterclass "Acting and Directing", including most techniques based on the Russian school. Her teachers were Prof. Vassili Skorik, Prof. Jurij Alschitz and Prof. Sergej Issayev.

Gretas substancial education as artist is enriched by her participation in the international theatre and film directing workshops of Künstlerhaus Bethanien which enjoyed cult status in the Berlin of the early 90´s. There Greta studied with directors Krzysztof Kieślowski, Peter Palitzsch, Thomas Schulte-Michels, Ruth Zapora, Sergej Ashkenasy, Yoshi Oida and Wojiech Marczewski. Additional private lessons involved extensive repertoire work with actors from Peter Stein´s former ensemble of Schaubühne Berlin. Amongst her film training teachers were danish director Henning Carlsen and Rae Allen.

Greta has been pursuing her acting career by working extensively in theatre productions with numerous foreign and local companies in Europe for 25 years. She´d been working project-based as a director for theatre and film, and has been forwarding her broad knowledge regularly as a guest-lecturer at various film and theatre ¬schools, like the German Film Academy Berlin, dffb. As a casting director her credits encompass the serial casting of Europe’s most popular daily soap opera "Gute Zeiten/Schlechte Zeiten“, more than 40 productions from short-films and feature films to the 700-hour screen epic „Dau“ by Ilya Khrzhanovsky, the biggest russian-european co-production to this day, where she was responsible for the casting process in Europe and North America.

Periodically she is participating in the "International Directors´ and Trainers´ Colloqiums" of the European Association for Theatre Culture, Akt-Zent Berlin, Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute ITI,  focusing on new training methods and theatre ethics.
Throughout her career she has compiled an own set of exercises designed to prepare the modern actor and director for the work on stage and on-camera. These exercises have become the cornerstone of her practice-oriented method, which she has been teaching throughout Europe. This series of exercises focuses on refining of new and already existing acting techniques and on optimizing the artists´ abilities beyond classical techniques and terms.

Greta Amend is teaching the masterclass "Working for Actors".