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Master Class with William Esper

The workshop is aimed for 18 professional actors and 9 directors and is held at The National Film School of Denmark.

The Actors Association and The Post Graduate Training Department at the National Film School of Denmark proudly present a 7 day workshop with the legendary acting teacher William Esper.

Acting teacher William Esper established The William Esper Studio in 1965. It is dedicated to the work of Sanford Meisner and William Esper and the proposition is that acting is a creative art and true excellence in its practice may only be achieved through total mastery of technical craft.

The Studio is today ranked as one of the most respected professional actor training studios in America and has trained a large number of accomplished professional actors who are active in Film, Television and Theatre. All the work at the Studio is based on William Esper’s 17-year association with Sanford Meisner, with whom he worked in close collaboration as both a teacher and director. In 1977 Mr. Esper founded the MFA and BFA Professional Actor Training Programs at Rutgers University, which under his leadership, became one of America’s most respected Conservatories.

In 2008 he co-authored with Damon DiMarco, The Actor’s Art and Craft published by Anchor Books/Random House.

The Meisner/Esper method:
In Russia, in the late 1800's, Constantine Stanislavski concluded that the acting he saw on stage was unnatural and affected. He devised a system to teach actors how to create characters and act realistically on stage.

In the 1930's American actors were introduced to these methods and a handful of them formed a company called The Group Theatre - among them was Sanford Meisner.

The group devoted themselves to learning and developing their own version of Stanislavski System. Sanford Meisner went on to distill the acting process down to a number of concrete principals. Chief among them is behaving naturally under imaginary circumstances.

The Meisner Technique, as it called today, is now considered the most effective process for teaching someone how to act now a days.
During the workshop actors and directors work in groups with improvisational exercises and written texts to guide the director and actor to a fuller realization of self and the building of a truthful acting instrument.

The workshop will be held in English

Seminar leader is actress Sarah Boberg.

Please note - the master class will run from Monday February 10th - Monday 17th with Saturday 15th as a day off for rehearsals.