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Inside the ears of reality

Sound designers, composers, editors, directors and producers

A two day seminar about the sound of Nordic documentaries Saturday March 17. – Sunday 18.

Nordic documentaries are incredibly respected around the world, not least because of a very imaginative and atmospheric way of telling stories. Often sound and music are used in very creative ways and we have invited a handful of Nordic sound creators to talk about their distinctive work, both on film and in podcasts, and how to explore the sonic potential in documentaries.

Saturday March 17
09.30-10.00 Registration
10.00-10.15  Welcome
10.15-12.15    Abstracting Reality – Designing Sound for
                        Svenn Jakobsen on stage with
                        moderator Peter Albrechtsen
12.15-13.15    Lunch
13.15-15.15    The benefit of a long-term work relation
                       The terroir-sound concept and the pursue
                       of the unique score.
                        Rasmus Winther Jensen on stage with
                        moderator Phie Ambo
15.15-15.45   Break
15.45-17.45   Creating non-visual drama
                        Tim Hinman on stage with
                        moderator Peter Albrecthsen
17.45-18.00  Short break
18.00-18.45  Short talks
                        Svenn Jakobsen and Tim Hinman
                        Rasmus Winther Jensen and Peter Albrechtsen

18.45-19.30   Aperitif
19.30-22.00  Dinner and Mingle

Sunday March 18

10.00–10.20  Short talk Uno Helmersson and Svenn Jakobsen
10.20–12.20  Christina Rosendahl and Peter Albrechtsen
                         talk about collaboration and creating sound on films
                         like Violently in Love, The Idealist, Stargazer
12.20–13.20  Lunch
13.20–15.20  The Importance matter and the dynamics
                        of collaboration
                        Work Methods
                        The esthetics of music and the narrative timing and
                        balance of sound, music and image.
                        Uno Helmersson on stage with
                        moderator Svenn Jakobsen
15.20-15.35  Sum up and end of seminar

Svenn Jakobsen is a sound designer from Norway who has worked on several award winning documentaries and won the prestigious Norwegian Kanonprisen award for his work on The Accidental Rockstar.

Uno Helmersson is a composer based in Stockholm and has recently finished the music for the IDFA winner The Distant Barking of Dogs. Has previously worked on festival favorites like Armadillo and Bobbi Jene.

Rasmus Winther Jensen is a Danish sound designer who has worked on a long list of renowned documentaries, among these Armadillo, Dem vi var and Moon Rider.

Tim Hinman was born in England but lives in Copenhagen and is one half of the award winning documentary podcast phenomenon Third Ear. He has a long background in radio and is also the mastermind behind the podcast Sound Matters.

Peter Albrechtsen is a sound designer from Copenhagen who has worked on many Danish and international documentaries, most recently Land of the Free, Den anden side and this year’s Sundance opener Generation Wealth.

On top of this, directors Phie Ambo and Christina Rosendahl will participate and discuss their ongoing sonic collaborations with Rasmus Winther Jensen and Peter Albrechtsen.

The seminar takes place March 17. & 18. and starts Saturday at 10.00 and ends Sunday at 18.00.

Since it is a Nordic seminar, we would like to invite all participants to stay for dinner Saturday evening, to meet and mingle with colleagues from 18.00-22.00. We have asked the kitchen to fire up the barbeque and serve a nice dinner, which can be purchased for additional   175, - DKR. Due to the kitchens preparation of the dinner, we kindly ask you to write it in the motivation field when you sign in, if you want to participate in the dinner as well.