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Directing and casting actors with Greta Amend. Respect for Actors - Respect for Directors

This workshop is aimed for 8 directors and 16 actors.

The workshop focusses on the intense relationship between actors and directors in a casting situation, on set and in a rehearsal. Respect for Actors - Respect for Directors working on the same artistic level.

The directors will get an impression of the actors training and how to use it for their work - to organize rehearsals, create improvisation exercises, to delegate ensemble and individuals and to build up his or her own work ethic for the group. The director will get skills to work with a variety of actors with different backgrounds. He will get a knowledge of the actors energy and the power of acting.

The actors will get basics for highly artistic preparation, scene analysis, “put their best food forward in an interview”, how to enjoy cold readings and create an artistic dialogue with the director.
Research: “What is my job, and what is the job of the director. Acting in casting, acting on set.” The work is based on a strong practical and philosophical point of view of the profession, it´s all about freedom and invitation to life.

Greta Amend studied drama at the Hannover College for Music and Theatre from 1983 to 1987. Afterwards she pursued her acting career by working at Anatolij Vasil`jev´s Theatre of Dramatic Arts in Moscow. She studied master classes in acting and directing at GITIS Academy Moscow with various acting techniques based on the Russian school. Ever since Greta has been working in theatre and film productions with numerous foreign and local companies in Europe.
In 2002 she launched a new career as Casting Director for Grundy Ufa TV Production in Potsdam Babelsberg. Since 2005 Greta has been an independent casting director for cinema productions, including the European Co-Production Dau by Ilya Khrzhanovsky (Ukraine/ Russia/ Netherlands/ Germany/ Sweden 2011) or Stadt, Land, Fluss by Benjamin Cantu, that won the Teddy Award at Berlinale 2011. In 2012 Greta adapted and directed the play White nights by Russian author Fjodor Dostojevsky.
Since 2006 she has taught acting-workshops: “Energizing the actor” and at the German Film- and Television School Berlin (dffb) and Hamburg Media School: "Respect for Actors" covering the fields of Directing, Casting and Acting.

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This workshop is a collaboration between The Actors Association and The Post Graduate Training Department.