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Isbjørnens forfatter camp

Lena Hanno Clyne


Director and Scriptwriter
Hold 3




+46 70 5853919

Lena comes from the small mining town Malmberget in the North of Sweden. She shares her time between Stockholm, London, and Cuglieri, a small village in Sardinia, Italy.
Initially, Lena worked with theatre. She directed plays ranging from Shakespeare and Strindberg to cabarets. She switched to film because she wanted to reach a broader audience. She has written and co-written several shorts and four feature films: “Misa Mi” (director Linus Torell), “Falla vackert/Falling Beauty” (d. Lena Clyne), “Förortsungar/Kidz in the Hood” (d. Ylva Gustavsson & Catti Edfeldt) and “Siv sover vilse/Siv sleeps Astray” (d. Catti Edfeldt & Lena Clyne). All have won several prizes at international film festivals.
She writes in Swedish and English and is especially interested in feature films for family audiences in the drama and fantasy genres, and writing for television. She prefers to write in close cooperation with directors.

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