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Exploiting Sound, Exploring Silence

This seminar is aimed for sound designers, composers, editors and directors.

We proudly present a Nordic Seminar on sound to take place from Friday November 30. – Sunday December 2.


When it comes to exploiting sound, exploring silence
we have invited some of the best in the world, who have
a long history of collaboration. The sound “gang” has worked
together on most of the Coen brother films.


Our guest speakers are:
Sound supervisor and re-recording mixer Skip Lievsay
Sound mixer Peter F. Kurland
Foley artist Catherine Harper
Re-recording mixer and sound designer Craig Berkey
Dialogue Editor Byron Wilson


Sound designer Rune Palving, Hans Møller and Johan Pram
are the people behind the seminar and will also be moderating
the sessions.
Sound has got a more and more essential place in visual storytelling.
Along with modern technique sound became a very strong tool for
directors and the stories, and it demanded people who worked with
sound and music in film to develop their tools and language.

At the seminar we will start by going through a masterpiece,
when it comes to exploring absence of dialogue and music,
NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, directed by The Coen Brothers.
The film has very minimalistic music score and long passages without
dialogue. In some of the film’s most intense sequences you only hear a
suffocating silence. The film forced the audience to listen
and the sound became a significant part of the story and a modern
research in sound.

On Saturday we will mainly focus on sound designer and
re-recording mixer Skip Lievsay and talk to him about his
collaborationwith the Coen’s, focusing on their newer work
and his role as a re-recording mixer for other directors and
sound designers.


Rune Palving graduated as sound designer from
The National Film School of Denmark in 1999 and has ever since
worked as sound designer, sound editor and mixer on fiction,
documentary and TV-series. Word of God (Henrik Ruben Genz), 2017,
The Master (Charlotte Sieling), 2017,
A Conspiracy of Faith (Hans Petter Moland), 2016,
Bridgend (Jeppe Rønde) 2015,
Daisy Diamond (Simon Staho) 2008,
A Soap (Pernille Fischer-Christensen), 2006,
Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself (Lone Scherfig), 2002 Among many.
Rune Palving is also Head of Sound Dept. at The National Film School
of Denmark

Hans Møller graduated as sound designer from
The National Film School of Denmark in 1991 and were one of the
founders of Mainstream Aps. One of the largest sound facilities in
Scandinavia. Hans has worked as sound designer and mixer on
films like Backstabbing for Beginners (Per Fly), 2018,
The Raft (Markus Lindéen) 2018,
The Absent One (Mikkel Nørgaard) 2014,
Itsi Bitsi (Ole Christian Madsen) 2014, Monica Z (Per Fly) 2013,
Mammut (Lukas Moodysson) 2009, among many.

Johan Pram graduated as sound designer from The Norwegian
Film School and works as a Re-recording mixer
and sound designer in Oslo, and has worked as a sound effects editor
on films as The Quake (John Andreas Andersen) 2018,
Mordene I Kongo (Marius Holst), 2018,
What will people say (Iram Haq), 2017,
Dyrene I Hakkebakkeskogen (Rasmus A. Sivertsen), 2016, 
among many.
Johan also teach at The Norwegian Film School.

The seminar takes place from Friday November 30
where we start around 16.00 – around 21.00,
Saturday around 09.30 – 18.00 followed by a dinner
and Sunday from 09.30 – approx. 16.00.

Participants fee is DKR. 1.895 incl. lunch Saturday & Sunday, 
and light dinner Friday.

If you would like to join dinner Saturday evening
the price is DKR. 225. excl. Wine&Beverages
Please add in the application scheme if you want to join the dinner.


Sound supervisor and re-recording mixer Skip Lievsay https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0509792/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Sound mixer Peter F. Kurland

Foley artist Catherine Harper

Re-recording mixer and sound designer Craig Berkey

Dialogue Editor Byron Wilson